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HUMICO Fulvic Acid Liquid is a highly bioavailable form of fulvic acid, a natural compound found in humus, the organic matter in soil. It’s rich in minerals, electrolytes, and other nutrients essential for plant growth. As a liquid fertilizer, it enhances nutrient absorption, stimulates plant metabolism, and improves soil health. Its high solubility and ease of application make it popular in agriculture for boosting crop yield and vitality.

Fulvic Acid Liquid Specification

Fulvic Acid50g/L~400g/L
pH Value4~6.5
AppearanceBrown or Brownish Yellow Liquid

Fulvic Acid Liquid Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process for Fulvic Acid Liquid involves the extraction and concentration of fulvic acid from natural organic materials, such as humic substances found in soil, compost, or peat. Initially, raw materials undergo extraction through water or alkaline solutions to dissolve the fulvic acid molecules. Subsequently, the solution undergoes purification steps to remove impurities and undesirable compounds, ensuring a high-quality end product. Finally, the concentrated fulvic acid solution is formulated into a liquid form, ready for packaging and distribution. This meticulous process ensures the preservation of fulvic acid’s beneficial properties, providing a potent and effective liquid supplement for plants and agricultural applications.


Fulvic Acid Liquid - HUMICO
Fulvic Acid Liquid - HUMICO

Fulvic Acid Liquid Solubility

HUMICO Fulvic Acid Liquid boasts exceptional solubility, readily dissolving in water to form a clear and homogenous solution. This high solubility ensures easy application and rapid absorption by plants, facilitating efficient nutrient uptake and promoting enhanced growth and vitality. With its superior solubility characteristics, Fulvic Acid Liquid offers a convenient and effective solution for boosting plant health and maximizing agricultural productivity.


Fulvic Acid Liquid MSDS/TDS


HUMICO Fulvic Acid Liquid


HUMICO Fulvic Acid Liquid

HUMICO Fulvic Acid Liquid Documents

Package of HUMICO Fulvic Acid Liquid

1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 100, 1000L Tank, Flexitank,
or according to customer requirements.
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FAQ of Fulvic Acid Liquid

Free Sample HUMICO

1. How do you maintain quality control?
We place immense value on the quality of our products. To ensure this, our quality control team is deeply involved at every stage of the production process. Each batch of our product undergoes rigorous testing, including HPLC, before dispatch. Additionally, pre-shipment inspections by SGS or PONY are conducted to guarantee the quality of our products.

2. Do you offer samples?
Absolutely, we are happy to provide samples upon request. Once we receive your inquiry, we will promptly arrange to send samples to you.

3. What are the payment terms?
Typically, our payment terms are 30% TT in advance, with the remaining 70% TT against the BL copy. We also accept LC at sight.

4. How can I track my shipment after payment?
Rest assured, we will keep you updated on your shipment. Details including packing, tracking number, loading photos, and shipping documents will be sent to your email promptly.

5. What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Our standard MOQ is 1 kilogram.

6. Can you customize our bags or print our logo on them?
Absolutely, we welcome and accept OEM requests!

7. How long does delivery take?
Our general delivery timeframe is 7-10 days, assuming we have the product in stock. If not, it may take between 10-15 days to arrange shipping.

8. Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are manufacturer. Our manufacturing facility is nestled in the scenic landscapes of the Ningxia Autonomous Region. With an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons, we cordially invite you to visit our factory.


Fulvic Acid Liquid Uses

Fulvic Acid Liquid Uses
Fulvic Acid Liquid Uses

Fulvic Acid Liquid serves a multitude of uses across various industries, owing to its versatile properties and beneficial effects. Some common applications of Fulvic Acid Liquid include:


  1. Agriculture and Horticulture: Utilized as a potent soil conditioner and plant growth enhancer, Fulvic Acid Liquid promotes nutrient uptake, improves soil structure, and enhances microbial activity. It stimulates seed germination, fosters root development, and boosts crop yield and quality.

  2. Fertilizer Additive: Added to fertilizers and nutrient solutions, Fulvic Acid Liquid improves their efficacy by chelating minerals and enhancing their availability to plants. It facilitates the absorption of essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, optimizing plant nutrition and overall health.

  3. Foliar Spray: Applied as a foliar spray, Fulvic Acid Liquid promotes rapid nutrient absorption through the leaves, facilitating efficient nutrient uptake and translocation within the plant. It enhances photosynthesis, increases chlorophyll production, and improves plant vigor and resilience to environmental stresses.

  4. Aquaculture: In aquaculture systems, Fulvic Acid Liquid serves as a water conditioner and growth promoter for aquatic organisms. It enhances water quality, reduces ammonia toxicity, and boosts immune function in fish and shrimp, leading to improved growth rates and survival rates.

  5. Livestock Feed Supplement: Incorporated into animal feed formulations, Fulvic Acid Liquid promotes digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall health in livestock and poultry. It supports gut health, enhances nutrient utilization, and boosts immune function, leading to improved growth performance and productivity.

  6. Bioremediation: Used in environmental remediation efforts, Fulvic Acid Liquid aids in the degradation of pollutants and contaminants in soil and water systems. It promotes microbial activity, accelerates the breakdown of organic matter, and enhances the remediation of contaminated sites.

  7. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Included in skincare products and hair care formulations, Fulvic Acid Liquid offers moisturizing, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It improves skin hydration, reduces inflammation, and promotes hair growth and scalp health.

  8. Health Supplements: Consumed as a dietary supplement, Fulvic Acid Liquid provides essential minerals, trace elements, and antioxidants that support overall health and well-being. It aids in nutrient absorption, detoxification, and cellular function, promoting vitality and longevity.

In summary, Fulvic Acid Liquid offers a wide range of uses across agriculture, aquaculture, environmental remediation, and personal care industries, making it a valuable natural resource for enhancing productivity, sustainability, and health.


Benefits of Fulvic Acid Liquid

Benefits of Fulvic Acid Liquid
Benefits of Fulvic Acid Liquid

Fulvic Acid Liquid offers a multitude of benefits across various applications due to its unique properties and versatile nature. Some of the key benefits of Fulvic Acid Liquid include:


  1. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Fulvic Acid Liquid improves the availability and uptake of essential nutrients by plants, facilitating the absorption of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients from the soil or nutrient solution. This results in improved plant growth, vigor, and overall health.

  2. Soil Conditioning: As a natural soil conditioner, Fulvic Acid Liquid improves soil structure, increases water retention, and enhances nutrient retention capacity. It promotes microbial activity in the soil, leading to improved soil fertility and productivity over time.

  3. Stress Tolerance: Fulvic Acid Liquid helps plants withstand environmental stresses such as drought, heat, and salinity. It enhances plant resilience by stimulating the production of stress-related proteins, osmoprotectants, and antioxidants, thereby reducing the impact of adverse conditions on plant growth and development.

  4. Chelation and Complexation: Fulvic Acid Liquid acts as a chelating agent, forming stable complexes with micronutrients such as iron, zinc, copper, and manganese. This prevents nutrient precipitation and immobilization in the soil, ensuring their availability for plant uptake and utilization.

  5. Increased Crop Yields: By promoting nutrient uptake, improving soil fertility, and enhancing stress tolerance, Fulvic Acid Liquid contributes to higher crop yields and improved crop quality. It optimizes plant growth and development, leading to increased biomass production, fruit set, and yield potential.

  6. Water Quality Improvement: In aquaculture and water treatment applications, Fulvic Acid Liquid helps maintain water quality by reducing ammonia levels, improving oxygenation, and enhancing microbial activity. It promotes a healthy aquatic environment, supporting the growth and survival of fish and other aquatic organisms.

  7. Detoxification: Fulvic Acid Liquid aids in detoxification processes by binding to heavy metals and other toxins, preventing their absorption by plants or animals. It helps reduce the bioavailability of pollutants in the soil or water, mitigating their harmful effects on living organisms.

  8. Biological Stimulation: Fulvic Acid Liquid stimulates beneficial microbial activity in the soil, promoting nutrient cycling, organic matter decomposition, and soil remediation. It enhances the effectiveness of biological processes that contribute to soil health and ecosystem sustainability.

  9. Versatility and Compatibility: Fulvic Acid Liquid is compatible with various agricultural inputs, including fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, making it easy to integrate into existing farming practices. It can be applied through foliar spraying, soil drenching, fertigation, or seed treatment, providing flexibility in application methods.

Overall, Fulvic Acid Liquid offers a comprehensive range of benefits for agriculture, aquaculture, environmental management, and other industries, making it a valuable tool for sustainable and productive land and water management practices.


Ultimate FAQ to Fulvic Acid Liquid

Fulvic acid liquid is a concentrated solution derived from the extraction of fulvic acid, a naturally occurring organic compound found in soil, humus, and other organic matter. Fulvic acid is formed through the decomposition of plant and microbial residues over time, resulting in a complex mixture of small molecules containing organic acids, minerals, trace elements, and other beneficial compounds.

Fulvic acid liquid is typically obtained through the extraction and purification of fulvic acid from natural sources such as peat, leonardite, or compost. The extraction process involves dissolving the fulvic acid-rich material in water or alkaline solutions, followed by filtration, concentration, and purification steps to isolate the fulvic acid molecules.

The resulting liquid product is a dark brown to black solution with a characteristic earthy odor. It is rich in bioavailable nutrients, organic acids, and bioactive compounds that are beneficial for plant growth, soil health, and various other applications.

Fulvic acid liquid is widely used in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, environmental remediation, and personal care industries for its numerous benefits, including enhancing nutrient uptake, improving soil fertility, promoting plant growth, and supporting overall health and well-being. It is commonly applied to crops as a foliar spray, soil drench, or fertigation treatment, providing plants with essential nutrients and bioactive substances to optimize their growth and productivity.

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