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HUMICO Potassium Fulvate Powder is a highly efficient, soluble organic fertilizer derived from natural substances. Rich in potassium and fulvic acid, it enhances soil fertility and plant growth.
This powder improves nutrient absorption, increases resistance to stress, and promotes healthier crop yields. Ideal for sustainable agriculture, it’s suitable for various crops and soil types.

Potassium Fulvate Powder Specification

AppearanceBlack PowderBlack Flake
Fulvic Acid (dry basis)50%min / 30%min / 15%min50%min / 30%min / 15%min
Humic Acid (dry basis)60%min60%min
Potassium (K2O dry basis)12%min12%min
Water solubility100%100%
PH Value9~109~10

Potassium Fulvate Powder Manufacturing Process

The production of HUMICO Potassium Fulvate Powder involves a series of carefully controlled processes.
The material undergoes a purification process to ensure high purity and quality.
The resulting compound is dried and milled into a fine powder, ensuring consistent quality and solubility.
Throughout the process, stringent quality control measures are in place to maintain the organic integrity and efficacy of the final product.


Soluble Potassium Humate Powder Fertilizer Manufacturing Process
Potassium Fulvate Powder

Potassium Fulvate Powder Solubility

HUMICO Potassium Fulvate Powder is renowned for its exceptional solubility.
When mixed with water, it dissolves rapidly and completely, creating a solution that can be easily absorbed by plants.
This high solubility ensures that essential nutrients are readily available to the root system, enhancing the efficiency of nutrient uptake and promoting robust plant growth.
Ideal for various agricultural applications, its solubility makes it a versatile and effective choice for farmers and gardeners.


Potassium Fulvate Powder MSDS/TDS


HUMICO Potassium Fulvate Powder


HUMICO Potassium Fulvate Powder

HUMICO Potassium Fulvate Powder Documents

Package of Potassium Fulvate Powder


20KGS, 25KGS/Kraft Paper Bag,

or customized packing is available.


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FAQ of Potassium Fulvate Powder

Free Sample HUMICO

1. How do you maintain quality control?
We place immense value on the quality of our products. To ensure this, our quality control team is deeply involved at every stage of the production process. Each batch of our product undergoes rigorous testing, including HPLC, before dispatch. Additionally, pre-shipment inspections by SGS or PONY are conducted to guarantee the quality of our products.

2. Do you offer samples?
Absolutely, we are happy to provide samples upon request. Once we receive your inquiry, we will promptly arrange to send samples to you.

3. What are the payment terms?
Typically, our payment terms are 30% TT in advance, with the remaining 70% TT against the BL copy. We also accept LC at sight.

4. How can I track my shipment after payment?
Rest assured, we will keep you updated on your shipment. Details including packing, tracking number, loading photos, and shipping documents will be sent to your email promptly.

5. What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Our standard MOQ is 1 kilogram.

6. Can you customize our bags or print our logo on them?
Absolutely, we welcome and accept OEM requests!

7. How long does delivery take?
Our general delivery timeframe is 7-10 days, assuming we have the product in stock. If not, it may take between 10-15 days to arrange shipping.

8. Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are manufacturer. Our manufacturing facility is nestled in the scenic landscapes of the Ningxia Autonomous Region. With an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons, we cordially invite you to visit our factory.


Potassium Fulvate Powder Uses

Potassium Fulvate Powder Uses
Potassium Fulvate Powder Use

Potassium Fulvate Powder is used for a variety of purposes in agriculture and horticulture:


  1. Soil Amendment: Enhances soil structure, fertility, and microbial activity, leading to improved plant growth conditions.

  2. Plant Growth Stimulant: Contains fulvic acid, which promotes root development, stimulates growth, and enhances nutrient uptake.

  3. Fertilizer Enhancer: Increases the efficiency and effectiveness of other fertilizers, reducing leaching and improving nutrient availability.

  4. Disease Resistance: Strengthens plants’ natural defense mechanisms against diseases and pests.

  5. Foliar Application: Can be applied as a foliar spray for quick nutrient absorption and to address deficiencies.

  6. Hydroponics: Suitable for hydroponic systems, providing essential nutrients in a readily absorbable form.

  7. Seed Treatment: Enhances seed germination and early seedling growth.

  8. Drought Tolerance: Improves water retention in soil, aiding plants during drought conditions.

  9. Organic Farming: Ideal for organic agriculture due to its natural origin and benefits to soil and plant health.

  10. Gardening: Beneficial for garden plants, improving growth, health, and yield.

Potassium Fulvate Powder is valued for its versatility, effectiveness, and eco-friendly nature, making it a beneficial addition to various agricultural and horticultural practices.


CropGrowth StageDosage Ratio (Potassium Fulvate)
RiceSeedling Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Pre-gestation Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Seed Maintenance Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
SweetcornGrowth Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Pod Maintenance Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
PineappleGrowth Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Fruit Bearing Stage4-6 Kg/Ha
Longan/Lychee/Mango/Durian/Mangosteen/Rambutan/GrapesGrowth Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Pre-flowering Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Fruit Bearing Stage4-6 Kg/Ha
Vegetables (Kale, Cucumbers, Long beans, Green peas, Eggplant)All Stages3-5 Kg/Ha
Cabbage/Cauliflower/Turnip/BroccoliAll Stages3-5 Kg/Ha
Mulberry Leaves/Tea LeavesAll Stages3-5 Kg/Ha
SugarcaneAll Stages3-5 Kg/Ha
Chili/PepperGrowth Phase3-5 Kg/Ha
Pre-flowering Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Fruit Bearing Stage4-6 Kg/Ha
CassavaGrowth Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Bulb Maintenance Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
RubberGrowth Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Orange/Lemon/GrapefruitGrowth Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Pre-flowering Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Fruit Bearing Stage4-6 Kg/Ha
AsparagusAll Stages3-5 Kg/Ha
PalmGrowth Stage3-5 Kg/Ha
Enduring Period3-5 Kg/Ha

Benefits of Potassium Fulvate Powder

Benefits of Potassium Fulvate Powder
Benefit of Potassium Fulvate Powder

HUMICO Potassium Fulvate Powder offers several key benefits for agriculture and horticulture:


Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Its high solubility allows for efficient absorption of potassium and fulvic acid by plants, leading to improved nutrient uptake.
Soil Quality Improvement: Potassium Fulvate contributes to the betterment of soil structure and fertility, promoting healthy microbial activity.
Increased Plant Vigor: The powder boosts plant growth, enhances root development, and improves overall plant health.
Stress Resistance: It helps plants withstand environmental stress such as drought, extreme temperatures, and salinity.
Improved Crop Yield and Quality: Regular use of Potassium Fulvate Powder can lead to higher yields and better quality of produce.
Eco-Friendly Agriculture: Being an organic product, it supports sustainable farming practices, reducing the reliance on chemical fertilizers.

These benefits make Potassium Fulvate Powder a valuable addition to agricultural practices, contributing to healthier crops and sustainable farming.


Ultimate FAQ Guide to Potassium Fulvate Powder

Fulvate’s benefits are extensive and include:

  1. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Fulvate acts as a chelator, binding with nutrients in the soil and making them more available and easily absorbable by plants. This results in more efficient use of fertilizers and nutrients.

  2. Improved Soil Structure: It helps in creating a more porous soil structure, which improves water retention, aeration, and root penetration.

  3. Stimulates Plant Growth: Fulvate contains natural growth stimulants that can enhance plant metabolism, leading to faster and healthier growth.

  4. Increases Enzyme Activity: It stimulates enzyme activity in plants, which plays a key role in nutrient assimilation and growth processes.

  5. Reduces Stress in Plants: Fulvate can enhance plants’ resilience to environmental stressors like drought, salinity, and extreme temperature fluctuations.

  6. Promotes Microbial Activity: It creates a conducive environment for beneficial microbial activity in the soil, which is essential for organic matter decomposition and nutrient cycling.

  7. Detoxifies Soil: Fulvate can bind with heavy metals and other pollutants, reducing their bioavailability and detoxifying the soil.

  8. Enhances Seed Germination: Its application can improve seed germination rates and stimulate early plant development.

  9. Eco-Friendly: Fulvate is an organic compound, aligning with sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices.

  10. Versatility: It can be used in a variety of agricultural settings, from large-scale farming to home gardening, and is suitable for a wide range of crops.

Fulvate’s multifaceted benefits make it a valuable addition to soil and plant health management, contributing significantly to more sustainable and effective agricultural practices.

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