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HUMICO is a reliable Sodium Humate Factory.
Manufacturering Flake, Powder, Granule, Cylinder, Ball with high content and water solubility.

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HUMICO Sodium Humate is an organic compound sourced from humic acid, so it’s also called humic acid sodium salt. It’s commonly used in agriculture as a soil conditioner and plant growth stimulant.
Rich in humic substances, it enhances soil structure, improves nutrient uptake, and promotes robust plant growth.
Sodium Humate is also widely applied in aquaculture, poultry farming, livestock breeding, the petroleum industry, construction, and environmental protection.

Sodium Humate Specification

AppearanceBlack Shiny FlakeBlack Shiny PowderBlack Shiny GranuleBlack Shiny BallBlack Shiny Cylinder
Water solubility100%100%98%85%85%
Humic Acid(dry basis)65%min65%min60%min50%min50%min

Sodium Humate By Forms

Super Sodium Humate Flakes
Sodium Humate Flakes are for their ease of use and effectiveness in various applications.
These flakes enhance soil quality, promote plant growth, and are used as an eco-friendly fertilizer in agriculture.
Due to their flake form, they are easily soluble, providing efficient nutrient delivery to plants.
Sodium Humate Powder is a finely milled form of sodium humate, ideal for agricultural and industrial applications.
This powder enriches soil, boosts plant growth, and serves as an eco-friendly fertilizer alternative.
Its high solubility ensures rapid nutrient absorption in plants and easy application in various mediums.
Sodium Humate Granules are an organic fertilizer derived from humic acid. They are used in agriculture to improve soil quality, enhance plant growth, and increase nutrient absorption. These granules are eco-friendly, suitable for various crops, and help in promoting sustainable farming practices.
Sodium Humate Cylinders are known for enhancing soil quality, promoting plant growth, and improving nutrient absorption. These cylinders are an efficient and eco-friendly option for sustainable agriculture, offering a practical solution for farmers seeking to boost crop health and yield naturally.
Sodium Humate Balls are a form of organic fertilizer, made by compressing sodium humate into small, spherical shapes. They are designed to enhance soil quality, improve plant growth, and facilitate better nutrient uptake. These balls are easy to apply, eco-friendly, and suitable for a wide range of agricultural and horticultural applications, offering an efficient way to promote healthy crops and sustainable farming practices.

Sodium Humate Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of HUMICO Sodium Humate is a precise and controlled sequence designed to yield a high-quality organic product widely used in agriculture and industry.
It begins with the extraction of humic substances from leonardite. This extraction is followed by a purification stage, where impurities are removed to enhance the purity and effectiveness of the product. The purified humic acids are then chemically reacted with sodium hydroxide, resulting in the formation of Sodium Humate.
This compound is processed into various forms like powder, flakes, granules, balls, or cylinders, depending on its intended application. The final step involves drying the product to the appropriate moisture content, ensuring its stability and ease of use.
Each stage of the manufacturing process is governed by strict quality control protocols to ensure the Sodium Humate meets high standards of quality and efficacy.

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Super Sodium Humate Powder

Sodium Humate Solubility

HUMICO Sodium Humate is known for its excellent solubility in water, which is a key attribute for its effectiveness in various applications.
When dissolved, it forms a dark black solution that can readily release its beneficial humic substances. This high solubility ensures that the nutrients and organic matter in Sodium Humate are easily accessible to plants and soil when used in agricultural settings, enhancing nutrient uptake and soil conditioning.
In industrial applications, this solubility allows for easy incorporation into various processes and formulations.



Sodium Humate


Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate Documents

Package of
HUMICO Sodium Humate

20KGS, 25KGS/Kraft Paper Bag,
or customized packing is available.

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FAQ of HUMICO Sodium Humate

Free Sample HUMICO

1. How do you maintain quality control?
We place immense value on the quality of our products. To ensure this, our quality control team is deeply involved at every stage of the production process. Each batch of our product undergoes rigorous testing, including HPLC, before dispatch. Additionally, pre-shipment inspections by SGS or PONY are conducted to guarantee the quality of our products.

2. Do you offer samples?
Absolutely, we are happy to provide samples upon request. Once we receive your inquiry, we will promptly arrange to send samples to you.

3. What are the payment terms?
Typically, our payment terms are 30% TT in advance, with the remaining 70% TT against the BL copy. We also accept LC at sight.

4. How can I track my shipment after payment?
Rest assured, we will keep you updated on your shipment. Details including packing, tracking number, loading photos, and shipping documents will be sent to your email promptly.

5. What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Our standard MOQ is 1 kilogram.

6. Can you customize our bags or print our logo on them?
Absolutely, we welcome and accept OEM requests!

7. How long does delivery take?
Our general delivery timeframe is 7-10 days, assuming we have the product in stock. If not, it may take between 10-15 days to arrange shipping.

8. Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are manufacturer. Our manufacturing facility is nestled in the scenic landscapes of the Ningxia Autonomous Region. With an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons, we cordially invite you to visit our factory.

Sodium Humate Uses

Sodium Humate Uses
Sodium Humate Use

HUMICO Sodium Humate is utilized in a variety of fields due to its beneficial properties:

Agriculture: It’s primarily used as a soil conditioner and fertilizer enhancer. By improving soil structure and increasing nutrient availability, it promotes healthier plant growth and higher crop yields.
Animal Feed: In livestock farming, Sodium Humate is added to animal feed to improve digestion and nutrient absorption, leading to better animal health and productivity.
Aquaculture: It’s used in fish farming to improve water quality and enhance the growth and health of aquatic organisms.
Industrial Applications: Sodium Humate is used in drilling muds in the petroleum industry, as a water treatment agent, and as an additive in construction materials.
Environmental Remediation: Its ability to bind heavy metals and other contaminants makes it useful in cleaning up polluted soils and water.
Horticulture and Gardening: Sodium Humate is used to enrich garden soils and potting mixes, promoting robust plant growth and blooming.

Its multifaceted applications make Sodium Humate a valuable product in diverse sectors, enhancing productivity and environmental sustainability.

AdditiveFeed ingredients, drinking water, mineral supplements
Additive amount(Super Sodium humate shiny flake / powder)1‰-2‰per MT fodder
Drinking water(Super Sodium humate shiny flake, Super sodium humate crystal)1 gram per litre of water
Unhealthy Animals(Super Sodium humate shiny flake, Super sodium humate crystal)Initial support: 20 gram per 100kg of body weight
Subsequent: 5gram per 100kg of body weight

Sodium Humate Benefits

Sodium Humate Benefits
Sodium Humate Benefit

HUMICO Sodium Humate offers a range of benefits across various applications, particularly in agriculture and animal husbandry:

Soil Health Improvement: It enhances soil structure, increases water retention, and boosts the soil’s cation exchange capacity, leading to better nutrient availability for plants.
Plant Growth Promotion: Sodium Humate stimulates root development and plant growth, contributing to higher crop yields and better quality produce.
Fertilizer Efficiency: When used with other fertilizers, it improves their effectiveness, reducing the need for chemical inputs and promoting more sustainable farming practices.
Animal Health: In animal feed, it improves digestion and nutrient absorption, which contributes to better overall health and productivity of livestock.
Environmental Benefits: As an organic product, Sodium Humate supports eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural practices.
Water Quality Management: In aquaculture, it helps maintain water quality, benefiting the health and growth of aquatic organisms.
Industrial Uses: In industries like drilling and construction, it aids in process efficiency and environmental safety.

These benefits make Sodium Humate a versatile and valuable component in both agricultural and industrial contexts.

Sodium Humate Price

Discover affordable and effective solutions for soil enrichment with our Sodium Humate products at HUMICO.
We are committed to providing transparent pricing for our high-quality Sodium Humate, available in Powder, Flake, Granule, Cylinders and Ball forms.
Our competitive rates ensure that farmers and agricultural professionals can access the benefits of organic fertilizers without compromising on their budget.
For those seeking bulk quantities, we offer attractive options to accommodate large-scale operations at discounted rates. At HUMICO, we believe in fostering sustainable agriculture by making our Sodium Humate products accessible to a wide range of customers.
To inquire about prices or discuss your specific needs, simply fill out our online inquiry form, and our dedicated sales team will promptly provide you with a tailored quote.
Elevate your farming experience with HUMICO’s Sodium Humate – where quality meets affordability.

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China Sodium Humate Factory

Welcome to HUMICO, your premier Sodium Humate Factory in China! Nestled in the heart of agricultural innovation, our state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to crafting premium organic fertilizers to enhance soil fertility and promote sustainable farming practices.
As a leading manufacturer, we take pride in our commitment to quality, ensuring that our Sodium Humate products meet the highest industry standards.
Our factory boasts cutting-edge technology and a meticulous production process that guarantees the purity and effectiveness of our Sodium Humate in various forms, including Powder, Flake, Granule, Cylinders and Ball forms.
With a focus on transparency, we provide a comprehensive understanding of our manufacturing processes, assuring our customers of the origin and quality of our products.
At HUMICO, we are more than a factory – we are a hub of agricultural excellence, dedicated to supporting farmers worldwide in achieving optimal yields through the power of organic fertilizers.

Sodium Humate HS Code

The Sodium Humate Harmonized System (HS) Code is a vital reference for international trade and customs classification. HUMICO, as a leading manufacturer of Sodium Humate, ensures compliance with global trade standards.
The HS Code for Sodium Humate typically falls under the broader category of organic chemicals and fertilizers. This alphanumeric code simplifies the identification of our product during customs procedures, facilitating smooth international trade transactions.
By adhering to the designated HS Code, we uphold transparency and regulatory compliance in our operations. For specific details on the Sodium Humate HS Code associated with our products, please reach out to our team.
At HUMICO, we prioritize adherence to international standards, making your cross-border transactions seamless and efficient.

Ultimate FAQ Guide to Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate is an organic compound derived from humic acid, a major constituent of humus, which is the organic matter in soil. It is formed when humic acid is treated with an alkali like sodium hydroxide, resulting in a sodium salt version of humic acid. This compound is characterized by its dark color and is soluble in water, especially under alkaline conditions.

Sodium Humate is known for its various beneficial properties in agriculture, including its ability to improve soil quality, enhance plant growth, and increase nutrient uptake in plants. It acts as a soil conditioner, chelating agent for soil nutrients, and a stimulant for microbial activity in the soil. This makes it a valuable addition to organic farming practices, contributing to healthier crops and more sustainable agricultural systems. Its water solubility also allows it to be used in liquid form, such as in foliar sprays or as a component in irrigation solutions.

Sodium Humate, as an organic compound derived from humic acid, offers several benefits and functions in agriculture and animal husbandry:

  1. Soil Conditioning: It improves soil structure, enhancing water retention, aeration, and overall soil fertility. This makes it easier for plant roots to grow and access nutrients.

  2. Nutrient Chelation and Uptake: Sodium Humate acts as a chelator, binding with nutrients in the soil and making them more available for plant uptake. This helps in efficient utilization of fertilizers and promotes better plant growth.

  3. Stimulates Plant Growth: It contains natural growth-promoting substances that can enhance plant metabolism, leading to healthier and more robust plant development.

  4. Increases Microbial Activity: By improving the soil environment, Sodium Humate fosters beneficial microbial activity, which is crucial for organic matter decomposition and nutrient cycling in the soil.

  5. Enhances Seed Germination: Its application can improve seed germination rates and seedling health, providing a strong start for crop growth.

  6. Drought Resistance: It helps plants to better withstand stress conditions such as drought, by improving their overall health and root systems.

  7. Use in Animal Feed: When added to animal feed, Sodium Humate can improve digestion and nutrient absorption in livestock, leading to better overall animal health and productivity.

  8. Detoxifying Agent: It can bind with heavy metals and other toxins in the soil, reducing their availability to plants and animals, and thereby acting as a detoxifying agent.

  9. Water Soluble Application: Its water solubility allows for versatile application methods, including soil drenching, foliar spraying, and incorporation into irrigation systems.

Overall, Sodium Humate is an effective and eco-friendly product that supports sustainable agricultural practices, enhances plant growth and health, and can contribute positively to animal nutrition.

Sodium Humate is typically produced through a chemical reaction involving humic acid and a sodium-based compound. Here is a general overview of the process:

  1. Source Material Collection: Begin by collecting humic acid, which is commonly derived from leonardite, a type of lignite coal known for its high humic substance content. It can also be extracted from other sources of decayed organic matter like peat.

  2. Extraction of Humic Acid: The humic acid is extracted from the leonardite or other sources. This is usually achieved by using an alkaline solution, which helps to separate the humic acid from the raw material.

  3. Reaction with Sodium Compound: The extracted humic acid is then reacted with a sodium-based compound, most commonly sodium hydroxide (NaOH). This reaction forms sodium humate by replacing the hydrogen ions in humic acid with sodium ions.

  4. Purification: The resulting sodium humate solution may undergo purification to remove any unwanted residues or impurities. This step is crucial to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the final product.

  5. Concentration and Drying: Depending on the desired end product, the sodium humate solution can be concentrated and dried. The drying process can be carried out using methods like spray drying or evaporation to yield sodium humate in solid form, such as powder or granules.

  6. Packaging: Finally, the sodium humate is packaged appropriately for storage and distribution. It can be packaged in various forms, including powders, granules, or liquid, depending on its intended use.

This process results in sodium humate, a valuable product for agricultural and horticultural applications, known for its ability to improve soil quality and enhance plant growth.

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